H1B Reform

The Department of Homeland Security officially announced the latest “lottery H-1B reform plan” on the Federal Notices Online. Today’s article will give you a more detailed explanation regarding adjusting the lottery order of different academic qualifications.

Before going to apply h1b visa (h1b签证) and get your H1B visa processed (also known as h1b签证流程), your company must have a h1b layer and pay for its fees (also known as h1b律师费). A lawyer usually dealt with many similar cases before, so they know what to say in the application letter. it can drastically increase your chance to getting your visa approved and make your application process much easier. If you are in big city like New York, or LA, you will have ample amount of choice for you immigration lawyer, (also known as 纽约移民律师). If your company does not have an onsite lawyer for your case, the following link is a good h1b lawyer that you can consider of (h1b律师推荐).

The H-1B applicant, the employer, will be required to provide some basic information about the employer and the beneficiary (using this H-1B expatriate). These basic information may include but are not limited to:

 Employer’s name, employer’s identification number EIN, employer’s mailing address;The name, position, and contact information (phone, mail, mailing address) of the employer authorized agent; The full name, birthday, country of birth, nationality, gender, passport number of the beneficiary;Whether the beneficiary has obtained a master’s degree or higher in the US colleges and universities;If the employer has a lawyer representative, a G-28 form is required; And other additional information that needs to be provided when registering electronically.   The proposal specifically states that the following types of application are prohibited: 01 The same employer submits multiple electronic registrations for the same foreign employee;02 Use affiliates, such as subsidiaries, parent companies, affiliates, etc., to submit multiple electronic registrations for the same foreign employee;03 A company has registered a large number of online registrations, and after completing the registration and successful lottery, it does not submit H-1B application packages for the corresponding employees.