How to Protect Your Income in Emergency Situations

One thing that many people have to deal with when they’ve gotten injured or sick is how they’re going to make an income. Suddenly being unable to work puts many people in a terrible financial bind that could put them into debt or cause them to lose their assets.

The situation is even direr when there are times when a person is simply unable to work for an extended period of time and it could be several months before they are able to return to the workforce. There are various alternatives to getting the right funds for these situations, but one of the most effective is through income insurance protection.

Income Insurance Protection

Income insurance protection is a form of insurance that covers you in the event that you are no longer able to perform your job. The main aspect of this form of insurance is that it makes sure that when you’re placed in a difficult situation, either due to sickness or an accident, you aren’t put into a position where you are unable to work to cover your medical bills or other expenses.

Different Forms of Insurance

The specifics of income insurance protection range greatly depending on the type of coverage a person gets. The factors that are involved in income protection range from how much you receive to how long you receive the income and what forms of sickness and injury make you qualify for an income protection insurance claim.

It’s important to make sure that you understand the specifics of your coverage, as that determines when you’re able to and unable to make your claim. For example, some forms of insurance cover temporary illnesses, such as injuring your back, but there are others that cover permanent injuries, such as the loss of a limb.

There are also some forms of coverage that specify a set number of times where you still receive your income while you’re injured, such as a few years. There are instances, though, where your income protection insurance can only be claimed if you meet a certain age threshold.


In most cases, people who make a claim on their income insurance are paid a portion of their salary, which is usually around three-fourths of what they would have made if they continued to work. The salary is often paid once a month at a set amount. There is no condition where the funds are given out in a lump sum, and there are many instances where there is a maximum amount that the insurance covers.

Understanding Your Coverage

If you do get income insurance protection, make sure that you fully understand your coverage and what conditions need to be met for you to file your claim. In these instances, it is always wise to have an insurance lawyer look over your coverage so that you fully understand all of the aspects of it and how you can make a claim in the event of an accident or illness.