Slip and fall and snow removal procedures and requirements

What are slip and fall accidents?

Slip and fall occur when a person slips trips and falls due to a dangerous condition arose either as direct or indirect lack of action by another causing injury or damage to the person.

A personal injury can bring both personal and legal challenges.  A personal accident not only causes physical injuries but also anxiety and frustration if the legal needs are not met and claims are not settled.

Slip and fall and snow removal procedures

Any snow and ice removing organization must understand the procedures and risks involved in snow removal. The snow removal plan should be adequately equipped and protected as well. The plans should include the removal of ice as well as well as continuous follow up to ensure that the walking surface is safe from refreezing or additional snow accumulation. A great snow removal plan removes snow and ice from all potential walking areas with a continuing follow-up.

Premises liability

In the majority of slip and fall cases fall under the category of “Premises liability”. In the majority of the cases, the property owner or the individual or the organization responsible for the maintenance of premises fails to adhere to the specific requisites and standards resulting in an unsafe condition which can result in an accident causing an injury making the individual or the organization in charge liable for the injury.

When to seek legal advice in slip and fall injury case?

When a serious injury or sadly even death occurs due to slip and fall, you should seek a piece of legal advice. An injury lawyer Halifax  advice and counsels you to determine whether a cause of action exists for the recovery of medical expenses, loss of wages, pain, mental and emotional suffering, and other damages.

How to make your claim successful in the court of law?

In any of the injury case whether it is slip and fall or any other, simply representing the injury is not enough in front of the court of law. There are higher chances of the dismissal of your injury claim if you fail to prove the liability of the snow removing company. In order to make your claim successful, you must prove that the snow removing company or individual failed to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the public. As an individual you may not be successful enough to interpret and understand the procedures, policies the snow removing organization follow and the records they maintain.

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At Wagners, one of our experienced and successful injury lawyer in Halifax will be happy to make you understand the complete slip and fall and snow removal procedures and requirements in order to represent your case for a successful claim.