What to do when yours Spousal Sponsorship to Canada Has Been Declined

Canada’s immigration laws are not as strict as per other developed countries. You can get a visa or a permanent resident status with a little effort and a little truth. The process is also simple. Before we get to the procedure of what to do if the authorities decline the visa application, let’s see what happens in the application process.

The application process for bringing an alien dependent into Canada has two small processes.

  • Firstly, one has to apply for sponsoring the spouse. The person who will be sponsoring has to be a permanent resident or a Canadian resident.
  • After the application for the sponsorship is approved, the other alien spouse uses that approval for sponsorship and apply for the permanent resident status.
  • The next step is communication. The authorities will communicate with the alien. This is a compatibility test for the authorities to make sure that the person can survive and adapt in Canada.
  • There will be background checks. No criminal records, no security concerns, and no other suspicious issues will pace the process of getting the immigration status.

There are chances that the authorities can reject the application. If there is any flaw in your application the authorities will refuse the application. You can do something when your application is not accepted.

Denial of Application

Sometimes the answer from the authorities can be disappointing. There is an option to appeal. You can appeal again to the immigration authorities but you have to do it before 30 days before the rejection date.

The appeal has to address to the Immigration Appeal Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board.

Process of Appealing

First of all, get ready for a hearing. The hearing can be in person or through teleconferencing. This is a general approach to any appeal made to the Immigration Authority.

At the hearing you should do the following things:

  • You have to present a piece of new evidence that is strong enough to support your claim.
  • You can testify on your behalf and present your case with more transparency.
  • You should call any witness who will support your stance.
  • You can also hire a lawyer to represent your case in front of the authorities.

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