Why are Chinese students not willing to return to China?

It is worth noting that there are 85,000 H-1B visas (h1b签证) in the United States this year. As a result, the number of applicants on the application day was overwhelming, reaching more than 170,000. Finally, the US Immigration Bureau used the h1b lottery (h1b抽签) to select 85,000 people. The author said that Chinese students studying for H-1B are the main subjects of Chinese students, and they are looking for applying green card in the future (Also known as 绿卡).

Statistics show that in recent years, the return rate of Chinese students has only been around 36.5%.

In 2013, there was media analysis, and low salary was the primary reason. The data shows that the annual salary of the first job after returning to China is generally not high, of which 36.5% of the annual salary is less than 40,000 yuan, and 67.2% of the annual salary is less than 60,000 yuan.

One international student said that in the case of the integrated circuit industry, freshmen in the top foreign companies in Beijing and Shanghai generally receive 10,000 yuan to 12,000 yuan per month, while in the United States they can get three to five times the salary. More importantly, the gap between the technology of most local companies and foreign countries is even greater, and some high-end talents returning to the country are not good for career development.Why not return to China? Complex human relationships are also major obstacles. Many foreign students believe that staying abroad, feeling lonely with their families, cannot integrate into foreign society, work pressure, but the social environment is good; while returning to the country, although they can reunite with their families, they also have frustrations and family backing, but they cannot adapt to domestic The social competitive environment and complex interpersonal relationships.